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The precast engineered concrete flooring system with the durability of polished concrete and the look and feel of poured cement. Concreate® is ready for installation in virtually any living space including kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Introducing the intrinsically cool, brutalist aesthetic of raw concrete.

This is the only system of its kind that allows wood and concrete to be installed side by side with no transition gap. Ideal for low energy underfloor heating Concreate acts as a thermal mass holding the heat of a building. Durable, tactile and beautiful Concreate is a concrete surface, designed for modern living.

Available in three shades and a combination oak/concrete, the wide tongue and grooved engineered panels can be installed in a variety of patterns and compositions, on any structural and level subfloor. The floor panels are engineered with a structural base and a decorative top layer.

It is fireproof, mold resistant and has sound reducing qualities whilst enabling the panel to be both lightweight and strong. The top layer is a 4 mm skim micro concrete, made from natural mineral cement reinforced with natural fibres. From this layer the ultra lightweight wall panels are produced. The surface is air cured then heat pressed giving each panel a unique natural patina, which is then sealed with stain resistant high solid oil.


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