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RO RunnerThe Oldest & Original Floorcovering:- We have chosen a wide selection of styles and designs of rugs to display in our showrooms but do not fear, if you cannot find the rug of your choice from our stock we have brochures and catalogues that are brimming with images of rugs for you to choose from.

Rug weaving is an ancient art that reached its pinnacle with the hand-loomed Oriental and Persian rugs of 16th-century in Asia, Persia, and Turkey. By the end of the 18th century the English and French rug designers were creating innovative styles and textures. The impressive European rugs were woven by hand until 1840’s, when Erastus Bigelow introduced the power loom. While many traditional rugs are still hand woven, most contemporary rug producers utilize modern machinery and equipment.

Rug weaving boasts of both a vibrant and ancient history. Since the earliest civilized societies, humans have utilized various forms of rugs. In the Garden of Eden animal hides were used as clothing and, without a doubt, these same hides soon became floor coverings in the most primitive homes. Soon, people began making crudely woven rugs from reeds and other vegetation.

A good rug or hide was a symbol of status and often heralded as one of the family’s most valuable possessions. Research has discovered numerous references to the art of weaving in a variety of ancient scriptures and classical writings, showing an established timeline in the history of rugs and the use of certain rug-making methods and materials.Marco Polo







Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant, while travelling through Turkey said, “They weave the choicest and the most beautiful carpet in the world”



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