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Wood parquet fitted to a commercial staircase

The regions original wood flooring specialists. The experience, product and installation knowledge we have amassed over the years is unrivalled. We are proud of the fact that our history is hardwood flooring and not evolved from a generic carpentry or joinery background, which we feel is a very different set of skills so I’m afraid we will not be offering to build you a cabinet or fit you a kitchen.


Wood Flooring

Wood floors are divided in to 3 main types, these being Solid, Engineered and Parquet.

Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood floors are considered by many to be the traditional wood flooring, solid wood flooring is as the name suggests manufactured from a single piece of wood. They have a tongue & groove edge and are available in a variety of widths, lengths and thickness. Boards over 16mm in thickness are load bearing and can be used to span floor joists making them an ideal alternative to chipboard and create a finished floor. The wearing surface of a solid wood floor is the portion of wood above the top of the tongue & groove joint profile.

We have a range of solid wood floors on display, we have unfinished and pre-finished European Oak and products from two renowned French manufacturers Panaget and Henry Millet.

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Engineered Flooring

engineered wood floor

Engineered boards are also referred to as Semi-Solids and this is because of their construction, they are manufactured with a solid wood veneer (wear layer) on the top of a core board. The veneer thickness varies depending on the individual manufacturer and board type, the common veneer sizes are from 2.5mm – 6mm. There a 3 main types of core board, these are Block Board (2 Layers), multiply (akin to traditional plywood) and HDF (High Density Fibreboard) The multi-layer construction methods used to produce engineered wood flooring provides more stability than solid wood flooring. Wood is hydroscsopic meaning it absorbs moisture vapour. As the moisture content increases it expands in size, this movement is across the growth rings and is generally noticed as a change in the face width of a board. The multi-layer construction counteracts the natural movement of the timber by varying the direction of the fibres in the timber throughout the various layers. This means the engineered boards are less affected by changes in humidity levels making them suitable to be used in large areas and with most under-floor heating systems.

Random width wood flooring  Laying Wood in a Herringbone patternEngineered oak wood flooring

Parquet Floors

The term Parquet in relation to flooring is a French term for “Flooring composed of wooden blocks laid in a geometric pattern” The popular designs that we create are Herringbone, Chevron, Basket Weave, Broken Bond, Dutch Pattern and Parquet De Versailles to list a few. Traditionally these were made using solid blocks but now we have an increasingly large choice of parquet floors available in the engineered format also. We have parquet ranges from manufactures and brands such as Ted Todd, Boen, Steirer Parquet and Lalegno.


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  braidedpatternwithdesignsquaresbasketweavewithdesignsquaresherringbone PatternbasketweavePattern





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